Thursday, May 03, 2007

SER on the Hanhwa fight fiasco

There is a cheeky article in the Hankyoreh which I think is illustrative on how social movements have changed Korean society, even if only towards more liberal democratic than democratic socialist or other directions.

It seems that Hanhwa group chairman Kim Seong Yeon sent a few company bodyguards to rough up some bartenders that had beat up his son, thus getting himself into a bit of legal trouble. The interesting thing here is that when he tried to use the company's lawyers to clear it up, the NGO Solidarity for Economic Reform (SER)-- which emerged out of People's Solidarity for Participatory Democracy, and which pursues shareholder activism in order to curb the power of the domestic chaebol (often inadvertantly supporting financial takeovers but that is another story) -- got on the case and the Hanhwa group had to quickly recant and say that the chairman would use his own money to defend his case.

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