Tuesday, May 01, 2007

KCTU's report to US congress on Kor-US FTA

[Update: Interlocals has a related report on Copyright provisions in the FTA from Korean NGOs, link]

I'm not sure if I linked to this report yet but it might be a helpful resource to some. Seems that back in March the KCTU made a report to the US Congress on the potential negative impact of the Korea-US FTA. I'm not sure what the revised assessment would be, but from the results of the negotiations that we published earlier, and in the wake of the suicide of Heo Se-wook in protest of the agreement, the potential for harm is still pretty strong. The report is pretty comprehensive and details not simply the macro-economic impact of such a deal but also the effects upon three individuals already affected by the expansion of neo-liberal policies on the peninsula. Keep in mind that as a condition for the Korea-US FTA to even begin negotiations, the Korean government made big concessions on drugs, rice, and the domestic film industry.

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