Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Korea-US FTA protest photos at gomediaction

Gomediaction seems to have a great english post of photos on their site. Also a map where some of the protests occurred. Here's the link. VoP has lots of other photos too, from some of the other areas of confrontation around city hall, anguk station and nearer the blue house. CINA has used some of these in his report in English.


  1. hey jamie,
    you saw the english section of VoP?
    "View from outside on Kor-US FTA
    Korean Neo-liberalism and Empire"

    btw.. how long you'll stay in s.k.?
    you are in contact with MTU?

  2. Yeah, saw it, nice pics too!

    Seen them a bit, should be here for a while

    good posts yourself!