Friday, July 14, 2006

FTA talks bogged down?

There are a few stories in the media about a possible bogging down of the FTA talks. I wouldn't deny that this is happening, but I would certainly not get rosy as to either their collapse or an alternative arrangement springing forth. Much of the disagreement is over pharmaceuticals, the stance of the US on which is kinda scary. It is really opposed to a new drug pricing system (which most civilized countries have) and continues to boycott meetings over this issue. One American magazine has said this is dangerous not just for Koreans but for Americans too because it is trying to set new global norms that will eventually make medicines more expensive for Americans too because they are pressuring other countries to raise the prices. For more on this issue see James Love's story at the Huffington Post. There's a great overall account of this issue and other negotiating points at the Hankyoreh. For shorter story on the snags from the Korea Times, click the link.

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