Thursday, June 01, 2006

Korea-America FTA -- Resources

I've come across a few resources lately on the Korea-America FTA that is currently being negotiated., a site that is tracking the proliferation of bilateral trade agreements (a suppossed alternative to both the collective strength of developing countries and regional blocs at the WTO, as well as the WTO's own inertia) has a special page on the Korea - US FTA that seems to be updated frequently.

The Korean Alliance against the Korea-US FTA has an english site (NoFTA); however, besides a small inaugral position paper, there is not much content as of yet. Their Korean site, however, seems to have quite a lot of info. Gomediaction has an advertisement for their upcoming protest on June 3rd as well as info a number of events planned around the visit of a Korean delegation to the US to publicize the problems of the Han-Mi (Korea US) FTA.

Finally, the Korea Economic Institute (which seems to be a lobbying organization based in Washington, DC) has a US-Korea FTA Resource Center page with lots of links to testimony from various industry groups and other stakeholders -- well, uhem, actually more 'shareholders' than stakeholders seem to be represented.

UPDATE -- June 5th: Here's a longer story in the Asia Times on the arrival of the Korean delegation and some of the more conflictual negotiating areas.

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