Thursday, March 02, 2006

struggle against casualization and privatization not over yet

Some interesting developments in the struggle against the non-regular workers bill and other forms of Korean neoliberalism to report. Korean rail workers are on the second day of their strike in support of fired workers, pay equity and against privatization as part of a larger series of actions against the upcoming bill on the protection of non-regular workers (which is actually a bill to expand irregular work, according to most). Labour protests continue to delay the bill. Apparently members of the DLP have occupied a meeting room in the parliament building, and according to Kotaji, even some conservative politicians are having second thoughts. Meanwhile, workers have mounted a sit-in in front of the National Assembly as part of the KCTU's general strike against the bill.

More on this issue in the coming days...

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  1. The Hankyoreh has an editorial on the strike here. When it mentions that strikers are planning to 'scatter', I wondered if they are referring to the strategy of non-confrontation that the power workers used in 2002, where they hid out all over Seoul and Kyonggi-do, or if they are just speaking of escaping in the short term if police attack them.

    Speaking of the 2002 strike, I found this article, which shows the last (I think) rail strike, which was 4 years ago Sunday. Time flies...