Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Here we go again

I really haven't been posting much lately. There are some pros and some cons to this. The con is that I haven't been keeping our loyal readers up to date on some recent developments, the pro is that I've been working hard planning my own research (yes I do have a life beyond this blog) which will, in the long run, supply you with more analysis of Korean labour and social movements than the more news oriented posts I put up lately.

In case you haven't noticed, however, the KCTU has called for another general strike against the bill on temporary workers. In fact I think every story on our labourstart newsire at the moment is on this topic. We've covered this issue perhaps more than any other on this blog -- just pick an archive and you'll see this for yourself so I'm not going to link to our previous posts. However, here's a short article from the Korea Herald with some general info on the strike and why the KCTU thinks the legislation is unfair. Ironically, some employers are also against the law they think it is too pro labour and have proposed a strike of their own. Strange bedfellows, it seems.

Also, thursday will be this blog's one year anniversary so I'll try to put up a birthday post in the future. Also look forward to an upcoming post on conscientious objectors from Matt (yes there is more to this blog than labour issues).


  1. I always get a bit of a sense of doom when I hear that the KCTU is planning a general strike. They always seem to play out in roughly the same way.

    Or maybe I'm just too much of a pessimist.

  2. Congratulations on the one-year mark, looking forward to many more.

    (and I'm with kotaji, not many groups get behind these strikes, something I've brought up with the KTU)

  3. true true, I expect very much of the same myself, but we'll see.


  4. general strike...^^
    kctu is calling everything as a general strike, even only 10,000 workers went for 5 hours on a rally.
    general strike, for example in italy, nothing is going anymore... no trains, no bank service, no schools... NOTHING IS GOING!
    but how a trade union such as kctu with 800,000 members...??
    the number of irregular workers in s.k.: 8,000,000... and only 80~100,000 are organized in kctu...

    and when DLP officials are crying about this even in the public.. it is not helping, not at all!!
    check out y'day's http://www.newscham.net/