Tuesday, February 12, 2008

before the abyss

I'm sort of in another slow posting period as the dissertation work heats up and certainly not because there is a lack of interesting news out there, and more to come as Lee Myung Bak is inaugurated.

For the moment, I would suggest keeping an eye on the Hankyoreh and on Chamsesang's new English service Newscham. There are interesting stories on both those sites about the Taean disaster, the split in the KDLP, and the slow emergence of Lee Myung Bak-ism all of which make a grim time for Korean progressive forces (hence the abyss) but also hopefully one that leads to better clarity and opportunity later.

Oh, and Matt's blog Gusts of Popular Feeling and his continuing play-by-play on the urban redevelopment of Seoul is not to be missed.

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