Thursday, October 04, 2007

E-Land/Newcore workers occupy Ministry of Labour

While scanning the MOL site for some documents earlier today I found this short article. I haven't heard much lately on the Newcore and KTX struggles except that some grassroots unions are dismayed that there hasn't been more solidarity. There seems to be a cycle to these things were the larger unions/union militants promise a much larger mobilization than happens in the end.

New Core workers occupy labor office

A small group of unionized workers at New Core Co. occupied the office of the Seoul branch head of the Labor Ministry yesterday afternoon, protesting against the prolonged deadlock in the conflict surrounding nonregular workers.

Shortly after storming into the office in downtown Seoul, the outlet union released a statement, vowing to continue their protest until the government scraps the revised law on nonregular workers and takes more responsibility to solve the dispute.

"After launching the strike in June, we've done our best for the early resolution of the situation, but the company and the government have not showed sincere attitudes to our desperate demands," the statement said.

Police asked for voluntary dispersal of unionists occupying the office. Some 250 more unionists from New Core were demonstrating outside the building to support the illegal occupation.

By Ahn Hyo-lim

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