Tuesday, January 30, 2007

revisiting emergency measures

There has been a lot news in the past weeks about the work of the national truth commissions into some controversial court rulings from the dictatorship period. First there was the clearing of charges against those who were executed in the In-Hyuk Dang (or People's Revolutionary Party incident as it is known) case. This was national news, I saw Father Moon, who was an activist at this time and still is involved to this day (you can see him in Daechuri if you visit). More recently, there has been a number of stories on the any number of small court cases against teachers, residents, or just about anyone who denounced Park Chung Hee at home, abroad, or in school. At any rate, these stories and more have been closely followed by the Hankyoreh and I suggest reading these articles and more because they really show you what life was like under emergency measures for both political activists and ordinary people alike. You can read this story about the judges involved in these cases and follow the related links for the others.

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