Sunday, November 12, 2006

Getting ready for Wednesday

I personally missed it (how dissapointed thy must be) but yesterday was the big rally, or Labour Assemby (but no march) downtown in anticipation of the KCTU's warning strike to take place on Wednesday -- which will include 4-hour walkouts or more at numerous workplaces. There has a been something of a back and forth between the Seoul authorities and the labour movement recently over permits for the march, which was originally denied for this event until the KCTU resubmitted a compromise saying that they wouldn't march but only meet. It seems that they stuck to this agreement as you can read from the two mainstream media stories I'll link to (here and here) on the event. It's pretty disappointing however that the media is more focused on the traffic planning than the substantive claims about worker's rights and their curtailment that the unions are raising. Especially in regards to the increased repression the labour movement has seen this year (Pohang irregular workers struggle and the KGEU crackdown being the two most publicized -- but also the recent crackdowns on migrant workers which have included the raiding of a local mosque last month). Wednesday strike, which is also an international day of action, is designed to foreground these struggles within the overall context of the Labour Relations Road Map which is being through without KCTU consent or participation.

Finally, I've included some pictures from the event (courtesy voice of the people). Note the aesthetics on the rally posters, kind of different for KCTU rallies, kind of reminds me of the british artists Gilbert and George, well with a more socialist edge -- interesting, nonetheless.

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