Saturday, April 08, 2006

Pyeongtaek Unrest Continues

Looks like things went to hell yesterday in Pyeongtaek; meaning, it looks like the police, army, or whoever have finally evicted everyone. Who are these guys with the riot shields? they don't look familiar to me, are they construction workers, hired thugs --as in gangs-- or some special deputies or police I haven't heard about?

You can read more about this issue and the previous protests on our blog here and here. The Korea Herald ran a story on the topic today as well, Farmers injured in base protest. There were more than farmers involved from what I can gander from this post in Korean of pictures and a report from the protest. I looks like unionists and other protestors were involved. The pictures of the roadblock and the man under the truck are disturbing and difficult to figure out (was he blocking it or was he run over?). I'm looking forward to finding more stories in English on exactly what went down. Seems there are lots of injuries.

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