Monday, November 14, 2005


It seems that November 18th will main day for protests against the APEC conference, though there was a protest on Saturday with about 20,000 in attendance.

In other APEC news, here is a story from the Korea times about how the National Police Agency has banned about a thousand NGO activists. According to the Korea Times, they've also submitted a list of 400 foreigners who will be allowed entry but will be subject to close monitoring, as it is feared they could organize anti-APEC demonstrations there.
Notices will be distributed in and around Pusan (Busan) to inform foreign activists of possible punishments, including deportation, if they take part in anti-APEC protests, they said. The APEC forum is to take place in South Korea’s second largest city of Pusan on the southeast coast from Nov. 12-19, with a summit of the 21 leaders of APEC member states to be held on the final two days. Meanwhile, Pusan, host city of the APEC summit and forum, is trying to make potential anti-APEC protesters understand that the international gathering is not a rich man’s club, according to a senior city official.

Farmers protesting rice liberalization, one of the APEC side deals, have also set up camp at myeongdong cathedral and were part of Saturday's rally. The Minjok Dongshin reports that they expect up to or over 100, 000 in attendance for Friday's protest. Here's a more in depth look at the rice liberalization issue from the Citizen's Coalition for Economic Justice (they also a have more recent statement on chaebol reform here, fyi).

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