Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Labor update

Being so busy with school these days, I haven't had much time to update the blog on current events, much less provide analysis. So in the absence of the latter, here are a few links to some current issues brewing, I promise to get back to some analysis of these events in the following weeks, perhaps in the form of a short article.

Kia Workers start Strike -- August 29th
Kia Workers end Strike -- Sept 13th
Major disputes at all Automakers settled -- Sept 15th.

ILO meeting posponment
KCTU/FKTU statement -- Sept 7th
Labor/Management to hold talks -- Sept 20
KCTU and FKTU merging? -- Sept 8th

Other labor issues
Asiana pilots file injunction -- Sept 9th.
Truck driver suicide-protest -- Sept 9th.
Taejon Hotel closes to bust union -- petition (ongoing)

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