Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Update -- Blogger deported, Anwar Hossain, migrant hospital, summer strike news

Following up on last weeks story and few other items:

(1) Its seems Christian was deported back to Germany a few days ago. Thus he is not on hunger strike anymore, but is barred from entering Korea for five years. You can leave a comment of support or check out his reflections on the event at his CINA blog -- kudos if you can guess what does CINA stands for by the way.

(2) Anwar Hossain, the president of the Migrant Trade Union, is still in Jail, though there hope that he may be freed soon as there has been a lot of support for his case in South Korea and abroad -- all the more reason to keep up the pressure. Here is briefing from the Asian Human Rights Commission in Hong Kong on the case, not mention our link to an online petition here.

(3) Here is an older article in the Choson Ilbo about a migrant worker hospital run by private donations. It seems the hospital is about 200,000 (Canadian dollars) in the red because the government won't support it.

"Since its foundation, 13,000 patients have come to Migrant Workers' Hospital, both legal residents without money and illegal residents with nowhere to turn. Every Sunday, specialists from university hospitals come to offer free treatment, while about 80 volunteer doctors provide treatment from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. daily."

(4) Summer strikes: Looks like the government is intervening in the Asiana pilots stike, sending them to emergency arbitration, which gives them a month to make a deal or the government forces a compromise. Meanwhile, a deal was reached between GM Daewoo and its union, more on that here. I haven't read it closely but looks like good terms from a quick glance.


  1. I am furious. I have to use a proxy to access this site as it appears that my ISP - KT - is denying access. Has the MIC made a public announcement concerning blogs?

    Why doesn't it go ahead and change it's name to the Ministry of Truth?

  2. hmmm....

    I'll ask someone with a kt connection to give it a try. Thanks for the notification

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