Thursday, March 31, 2005

Arts of protest? Literature, Academia, and Music

Interesting newsday today. Here's a story about two recent cases that have been dropped. Both Cho Jung-Rae and Choi, Jang Jip were accussed of violating the National Security Law. I'm trying to think of a North American or European comparision for these two. Cho is perhaps like a Margaret Atwood or Graham Greene (well, of that stature anyways), while Choi is like a Habermas or Richard Rorty. It's hard to make an exact comparison but you can get the point. The fact that the prosecution dropped the charges is good news and a sign of progress. It's too bad the NSL is still on the books. You can read the full story here.

The other story is a protest by union members of the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra. They performed Beethoven's "Funeral March" in front of Seoul City Hall yesterday to protest the city's plan to reorganize the orchestra. Here's the link.

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