Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Two Koreas: A First Go

This is the first go of our new blog. The point of this one is to provide a forum for discussing and tracking Korean social movements and important current affairs on the penninsula for an english-speaking audience. We see this as a way to expand understanding of and solidarity for social movements that are trying to democratically reconfigure politics in the region. Obviously our coverage will neccessarily be partial and reflect our own particular linkages to and resources on Korean social movements and comprehension of Korean politics (North and South), but, hey, that's what a blog is for isn't it. As we proceed we'll tell you a little more about who we are, but the moment I can say that the key areas of interest for us that will be featured on this blog will be the migrant's rights movement, the labour movement, and North Korean politics. Anti-war, Civil Society, and Youth movements are other interests as well. So that's three strong areas to begin with, with more to develop. Hopefully things go well from here. Feel free to share your ideas or express interest in linking, contributing, assisting this blog.


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